A pioneer in the practice of mind-body health, spanning over two decades, Jacqueline Harvey works with everyone, as well as celebrities, executives, sports people, models, and film stars. With her unique blend of mind, body and spirit based work, Jacqueline helps people achieve balance. She is the founding director of the EBR award-winning company Crystal Clear Health.

Jacqueline consults to spas, health clubs and companies, improving health through lectures, classes and structured programmes. She coaches trainers, works with architects to create work-out and therapy spaces and motivates staff with empathy empowerment to take care of their own health and improve their productivity.

Whatever your goal, Jacqueline will design a total health programme based on your previous health, fitness and lifestyle record. This comprehensive and bespoke report will form the basis for a tailor-made plan using specific techniques for your needs. With her unique blend of mind, body and spirit-based work, Jacqueline helps people get their lives back in balance.

Jacqueline Harvey is the 2016 Expert Voice for Nelson's, producer of natural healthcare products and the world-famous Rescue Remedy. She will be on hand over the year, providing tips and advice throughout the media. Keep and eye on her Blog Page to find out more.



Book a consultation with Jacqueline to design your fitness programme, overcome negative habits and help you towards becoming the most powerful and positive version of you.

Through this initial consultation she will assess your health, fitness and lifestyle patterns, identify any areas for development and set up a strategy.

These are bite-sized steps to help you reach your goals – coaching sessions are designed to effectively make resolutions that work for you, which bring about positive changes both personally and professionally.

Jaqueline Harvey is a qualified neurolinguistic practitioner, and has been coaching on fitness, health and lifestyle for over 20 years.

Services Include:

  • Initial Health Consultation

  • Personal Development (Life Coaching)

  • Stress Reduction

  • Fitness Training

  • Weight Loss

  • Nutrition

  • Meditation – Mindfulness