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Body Cycles: An Essential Guide to Boost your Body Rhythms for Peak Performance and to Reduce Stress

Body Cycles is a simple guide to better health and mind in a time where we are surrounded by the stresses of modern day living. 
If you're looking to understand why sometimes you're more receptive to working out and watching what you eat or feeling happy or sad, then here is the answer!
Mica Paris, singer, author and television presenter

Body Cycles is a new book by celebrity wellness expert Jacqueline Harvey, author of Your Health is Your Wealth. It is a practical introduction that connects the physical, emotional and spiritual energies at work in everyone’s life. Body Cycles enriches and informs your everyday health practices. It is not built on cutting things out, but on the values of positive eating, real fitness and lasting happiness.

Each chapter includes:

  • A description of the energetic power of each season
  • Exercise protocols and dietary recommendations to balance both your body and mind
  • Seasonal recipes to invigorate and support your whole system, and
  • Advice on common ailments associated with the seasons.

With training plans, dietary advice and mental strategies to enhance your life, Body Cycles will help you to adopt a more balanced, stable and healthy lifestyle.

The Body Cycles Programme: 

  • Is an inspirational tool to help you manage your own life.
  • Offers you techniques that work, to lift your mood, get fit and manage stress.
  • Shows you how to work at your best by aligning your lifestyle to Nature’s rhythms.
  • Teaches you how to work with your own individual cycle to cope with stress, maintain your emotional balance and build your awareness.
  • Synchronises your mind, body and emotions to the seasonal cycles that affect all life on Earth.

Jacqueline Harvey is a wellness expert and author based in London who has pioneered a mind-body practice which takes an individual approach to total wellbeing.

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