Ingredient Spotlight: WATERCRESS

Ingredient Spotlight: WATERCRESS

Autumn can be a particularly busy season - that’s when we begin to reflect and plan for the challenges ahead that can affect our health over the next six months. This is the season of peak performance, but sometimes we try to take on more than our minds and bodies can handle and succumb to burnout and stress.This is why this week I chose an ingredient that is available almost year round, and a very simple recipe to go with it: watercress, which is the start ingredient of my green soup. 

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Meditation in Green

meditation green

Autumn is here and we just had a watery full moon in Pisces on Wednesday. The energy always feels is little intense around this time, especially as we are truly at the end of Summer and transitioning towards the contraction of nature from harvest to the winter season.

I find it helpful to meditate on the colour green to help ground and balance my thoughts and energy - Autumn is the season to plan and prepare and at watery times to blend seamlessly with the Sun in the earth sign of Virgo to gain positive results.

Try to meditate on green for 15 minutes in the morning or before you go to bed, looking at your green items and see how you feel.