Hanging Out for That Large Glass of Wine


During the menopause alcohol can increase the likelihood of hot flushes because it raises the body temperature. It can also become a go to, seeming to offer comfort when struggling with the physical and mental changes you may be going through. 

Mood elevation is only temporary and can often be followed by a crash. It can also aggravate the hormonal imbalance. Try reducing your intake at this time.

I Need Chocolate Now!


The imbalance of hormones during your period can lower your blood sugar meaning you can crave foods with high sugar and fat content. Try and maintain a healthy balanced diet with all the food groups.

Eating low GI carbs and protein will help you feel fuller longer and curb cravings by stabilising blood sugar levels.

Avoid the quick fix of sugar as it will only make you crash and crave more sugar which will also lead to more bloating, water retention and weight gain.

What Exercises Should You be Doing in the Gym During Menopause?


Weight-bearing exercise is essential for combating osteoporosis as it is good for bone density.

It can also increase levels of testosterone which boosts the libido.

Cardio is great for weight loss, and heart fitness, but avoid high-intensity during this time as this can aggravate the stress hormones.

What’s Happening to my Libido?


The sex hormones are the driving force of our libido and during menopause they diminish. You can combat this by rebalancing the hormones with whichever means feels right for you — be it HRT, bio-identical hormone replacement, vitamin and minerals supplements, or adaptogenic herbs such as Maca and Siberian Ginseng. Sometimes a small dose of testosterone can also help.